About us

Food Industry Technical College Suceava is one of the biggest schools in our town. It has about 1100 pupils and 70 teachers. The profiles of our school were diversified in the last years in order to offer pupils more opportunities. Now we have, beside food industry main profile, also natural resources and environment protection, tourism and alimentation, agrotourism, mechatronics, electronics and automation profiles. In the years 1975-1991 it was the only high school with food industry profile from the east region of Romania. The school provided all the food industry workers for all the nearby counties. Our school is appreciated for the teaching quality. The school teachers involve pupils in many competitions, debates, exhibitions, local and national projects and many extra-curricular activities. We are part of the Eco-School National Program. Our school is extremely interested in developing Comenius and Leonardo da Vinci Partnerships or other kind of collaboration with European schools.