European Projects

Multilateral Comenius Partnership

2013-2015 - Multilateral Comenius Partnership "Science Experiments on Renewable Energies", with schools from France, Italy, Turkey, Lithuania, Netherlands.
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Bilateral Comenius Partnership

2007-2009 - Bilateral Comenius Partnership "The birth of money", with Salihni Sekine Evren Anadolu Lisesi from Turkey.
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Leonardo Partnership

2012-2014 Leonardo Partnership INTEGRATION OF CULTURE AND HEALTH KNOWLEDGE INTO THE VOCATIONAL EDUCATION OF FOOD AND BEVERAGE, running in collaboration with Turkey, Hungary, Netherlands, Poland, Great Britain.
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Comenius In Service Training

A number of our college teachers attended between 2010-2012 Comenius courses in different European countries.

Hands-on Optics
Hands-on Universe, Europe!

Preparatory Visits

Between 2010-2012 two preparatory visits were done, in order to establish Comenius Multilateral Partnerships.The first one was rejected by National Agency and the second one should be send on the next term, in february 2013.
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